It gives you the hope and conviction that you will be able to walk again

Walkbot provides most natural kinematic and kinetic gait patterns for patients with neurological or musculoskeletal impairment to restablish the optimal locomotor pattern and to accelerate faster recovery during the initial rehabilitation phase.


Three joints Synchronization

Perfect synchronization of three actuated joints which is designed based on actual gait algorithm of biomechanics study redoubles opportunities of re-learning the most natural gait pattern.

Automatic adjustment system

Length of robotic orthosis can be automatically adjusted by 1mm according to each patient’s anthropometry resulting in gait pattern fully optimized to individuals and it reduces time consuming process for preparation that lead to more opportunity for more training sessions in the same time.


The Walkbot provides exciting customized 3-dimensional virtual reality exercise games so that patients actually do not perceive the gait training as a form of therapy, rather enjoy walking in interactive and ecologically natural or virtual environments as used.